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Superconductivity Research ideas

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    I have to do a little research for school. My partner and I liked the topic Supercondutivity. Do you guys know any interesting research topics in this area? We are 16 years old and have basic Physical knowledge. There is an university in our area where we can do research at (if we have a good research topic). If you could give us any ideas that would be helpfull.

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    I fear this is difficult. Superconductors are only superconducting at very low temperatures, which can't be reached in a school lab.
    Also making measurements, e.g. of magnetic fields, are difficult.
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    You could (maybe) do something using high-temperature superconductors. They can be cooled using liquid nitrogen which is widely available and not particularly dangerous (you still need to be careful, but it is somewhat less dangerous than boiling water).

    The "classical" experiment used to demonstrate superconductivity is the Meissner effect (levitation). The experiment range from very simple (using commercially available kits) to more complicated setups; e.g. levitating model trains. Have a look on Youtube
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