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Suggestion for Research Project on Optical Nanoantenna

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    I'm currently a Senior year EE student in a South Asian country. We are planning to do a research project on Optical Nanoantennas. We are still learning and are not very familiar with the theoretical stuff, we only have the knowledge of junior year undergrads (took EM Fields and Wave, that's it). So we're not looking to do anything fancy and more over we don't have the equipments to do experimental research. Mostly we'll perform simulation on CST MWS or Comsol Multiphysics.
    Given our condition, it'd very helpful if you guys could help us with some ideas as to how we should proceed from here on. Thanks a lot.
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    What have you found so far in your reading? What is the single biggest problem with optical nanoantennas being practical for solar energy conversion? :smile:
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    We have found various designs for Optical Nanoantennas of noble metals Au & Ag, such as Dipoles, Dimers, Bowtie etc. Moreover, it seems like the single biggest problem seems to be creating a diode that operates in the (optical) THz frequencies, for rectifying the AC current the antenna generates(GaTech most probably are working on a solution). But we don't think we'll be working on diodes (doesn't that fall under electronics? or are they talking about optical/photonic diodes? Haven't read much on it.)

    Anyway, we're looking to do something relatively simple, may be varying the load between the gold/silver dimers/bowtie/dipole using some novel dielectric material and see what happens.. something like this. But we are only limited to simulations.
    Presently our main problem seems to be understanding the underlying theory and identify how much theory we actually require to implement it. We cannot really completely and rigorously go through a graduate level course in our available time frame. So, any suggestion of study materials, or suggestions of topics to master before tackling these simulations will help narrow down our search. Thanks a lot. :)
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    This is a very current research area. Try a google search for "optical rectenna" - there are numerous articles available on-line describing things similar to what you are trying to achieve.
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