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Homework Help: Superconductors, ElectroMagnets and MagLevs

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    Guys I have a problem. Maybe, it's is a stupid one, but I realy need help to comprehend something.

    I'm writing a report about applications of superconductivity. I chose the MagLev trains applications. Let's say, everything was fine until I read about the Meissner Effect. Now I have my mind puzzled.

    So, correct me if I'm wrong: Superconductors are "perfect" diamagnets, and diamagnets and Meissner effect are supossed to reject any magnetic field inside of them and thus creating a repulsive effect... How is possible to create superconductors magnets? Shouldn't they reject every magnet no matter its poles? Are superconducting magnet's poles placed in the opposite sides of the superconductor's surface but not in inside?

    Please answer that doubt, I'm beginning to lose my nerves.
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    As I understand it, it`s because Superconductors are electromagnets. They act like a solenoid coil and not like a bar magnetic. That is, the high current produces a magentic field outside the coil but there are no poles "inside" or "on" the coil itself.
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