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Supersymmetric Composite Models

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    I have just found a review on this topic by Volkas and Joshi


    But it is very old... 1988. I was just in the middle of the undergraduate. I know that the topic got some push from Seiberg dualities, but that is still the XXth century. Does anybody know of more recent reviews?

    At a first glance, it seems that the idea is to have supersymmetry both in the preons AND in the composites. I am not sure if this is some general theorem of supersymmetry... In which conditions a composite particle is also a piece of a supermultiplet? At least it seems that it works for Goldstone bosons, which have fermionic partners.

    With this, it seems that they are able to have zero mass, or very light particles, even if the composite scale is very high. Interesting.
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