1. J

    Engineering Composite Material Density

    Does anyone have an equation for the resultant density of the composite materials? Having a look around the internet and I can't find anything, there was this one website that gave me a step-by-step but the answers did not match (
  2. U

    Composition of functions

    Homework Statement Let A, B, C be finite sets such that A and B have the same number of elements, that is, |A| = |B|. Let f : A → B and g : B → C be functions. (a) Suppose f is one-to-one. Show that f is onto. (b) Suppose g ◦ f is one-to-one. Show that g is one-to-one. Homework Equations...
  3. taiwai

    Find out the Young's modulus of a carbon fiber lamina composite

    Hello everyone, nice to be here. I am going to calculate the young modulus of 3 layers of carbon fiber laminar composite For example: 1st: 12K plain wave carbon fiber in 0 degree 2nd:3K till wave carbon fiber in 45deg 3rd:12K plain wave carbon fiber in 0 degree How can I approach to calculate...
  4. D

    B Domain and the codomain of a composite function

    So, I'm a bit confused. The thing is, basically, all elementary functions are of the form ƒ:ℝ→ℝ. So the domain is ℝ and so is the codomain. However, if we have a function ƒ:ℝ→ℝ, given with f(x) = √x, it's domain is now x≥0. So, is the domain of this function ℝ or [0,+∞>? Also, let's say we have...
  5. Quentin_alex

    Differential scanning calorimetry of nylon 6

    Hello, I ran a test on an industrial composite of 30% glass-filled nylon 6, and my melting temperature peak is too low. The range was from -30 C to 275 C. Why could this be happening? Should I suspect the sample pan? Thanks.
  6. M

    Composites Layup

    Homework Statement Given a composites tube made up of +45 layup. The tube is subjected to positive torque. Suggest a new layup that will improve the strength of the tube when subject to clockwise and anti-clockwise torque. Motivate your choice. Homework Equations The Attempt at a Solution...
  7. D

    I Characteristics of trigonometric function compositions like sin(sin(x))

    Hello, Are there any particular properties, indentities or usages of composite trigonometric functions, say sin(sinx) or cos(sin(x))?
  8. mattyboson12

    Composite lay-up

    Homework Statement a)Describe a potential laminate lay-up that would exhibit high shear stiffness b)Describe a potential laminate lay-up that would exhibit a low poissons ratio The Attempt at a Solution a) is a unidirectional lay-up in the direction of the shear force best? b) an evenly layup...
  9. U

    Need help with a laminate analysis problem

    Hi, I am looking for some guidance on a problem I am trying to solve on laminate analysis. This is a flat laminate (9 plies with a thickness of 0.125mm) of unidirectional carbon fibre reinforced plastic with a stacking sequence of: 0/60/0/-60/90/-60/0/60/0. Ply properties are as follows: E1 =...
  10. E

    I Gases that absorb IR radiation

    Hello, I'm looking for a gas (hopefully one that is readily available) that will absorb Nd:YAG laser radiation at 1064 nm. The purpose is to heat the gas to transmit heat into a glass fiber composite which normally does not absorb IR light.
  11. S

    ANSYS APDL Composite design

    Hi, I'm analyzing a composite leaf spring using ANSYS APDL, the leaf spring has a thickness of 12mm, and since it is a composite material, it is composed of many plies, I'm assuming the ply thickness to be 0.125mm. I imported the geometry as a Parasolid x_t. And the element type I used is...
  12. J

    High velocity impact testing

    Hi all, I am doing a High Velocity Impact testing using a gas gun I have to figure out a) is my test running well and I am not getting any reflection? Please correct me or help in calculating if I am wrong at any point. I guess, I can figure out by calculating the time required for the...
  13. B

    Tensile Test Specimen Point of Failure

    I am a part C Mechanical Engineering student and have been undertaking a project investigating the strain sensitivity of a particular glass filled composite. From my quasi-static results, the stress-strain curves seem to be reasonable and match that of the mechanical material properties...
  14. R

    Making a Nylon - Fibre Composite

    Hi, I was tasked to design a composite material that will undergo a 3 point bending test. Maximum deflection will be of 15mm and a maximum load of 5kN. The scope of this task is not to prevent failure but to analyse the composite and learn from the design process. Nonetheless the composite...
  15. R

    Understanding Composite Laminate Stresses

    Hi Guys I am trying to figure out what stresses in different planes mean physically for composite laminates. Say S stands for stress then SXX SYY SZZ would be longitudinal/axial stresses in respective Axes. (If we take the laminates to be in XY plane, failure stress SZZ would be equal to...
  16. M

    What is differential of Alloy and MMC?

    We can find differential of alloy and composite. MMC is came from 2 differential of metal, one from it aren't melting same as producing alloy. but there are might produce new reaction. ex: C with Fe, the name is carbon steel. the nano-composite just too, but the particle aren't big, and the size...
  17. Z

    Material with specific elec. conductivity

    Dear Friends, I am working on a project in which we need to shield an electrical field with a heavy 1 MHz component, at the same time, sparing the magnetic field as much as we can. With our limited knowledge, we came to the conclusion that a material with 10 kOhm conductivity would do this...