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Supersymmetric particles generated?

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    http://www.expressindia.com/latest-news/Dark-matter-City-scientist-claims-breakthrough/293784/ [Broken]

    This article from yesterday (April 7, 2008) is a bit hard to follow, but it states:

    "He and his team have created new fundamental particles in the lab that may have existed at the time of Big Bang, the creation of the Universe. The team is busy analysing the properties of the particles. It is presumed that these particles known as super symmetric particles constitute the mysterious "Dark Matter"."

    Has anyone heard of anything related to this research? Did they actually create supersymmetric particles at Fermilab?
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    I think this is just another case of bad science journalism, which is more or less everywhere.

    There ARE signs of SUSY in some standard model transitions---for example the b->s gamma operator recieves contributions from SUSY particles generically, and it is a classic SUSY signature. The measurement used to be SMALLER than the SM prediction, which means that SUSY was very tightly constrained. The SM calculation was repreformed about a year ago, and the measurement is now ABOVE the prediction (by something like 2 sigma, which isn't good enough to claim discovery). There are also a few other signatures that people have been excited about lately---g-2 of the muon, for example (though this measurement is tough to fit with the simplest SUSY models).
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