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Supplements Apostol 2nd Edition: Linear Algebra and Diff EQ

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    Has anyone used Apostol's 2nd edition textbooks for Calculus? They contain lots of information about linear algebra and differential equations. But do they contain enough to be equivalent to a first and/or second course in them? If they do not, what supplementary texts do you recommend to make up the deficiencies in the Calculus texts in order to provide the equivalent coverage of a first and/or second course in linear algebra and differential equations?

    I say "and/or" since the first, introductory courses of those seem to be computational based and so am unsure of what coverage Apostol actually gives of linear algebra and differential equations.
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    *Bump* I'm still interested in an answer to this question if someone can and/or is willing to. =p
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    In my opinion the first volume does not have enough on either topic. The second volume definitely contains a full first course on Linear Algebra.
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    Okay, thanks! =)

    Any more suggestions on this from anyone?
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