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Suppose traffic laws allowed mathematical reasoning

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    Some time ago I had a thought regarding turning rules in the US, back when right turn on (a) red (light - unless otherwise marked) was becoming universal.

    If U-turn was legal on the cross street, then by smoothing out a sequence of legal maneuvers:

    - left turn on red should be legal (right on red + U-turn)
    - straight through on red should be legal (right on red + U-turn + right on green)

    Needless to say I've never been willing to test in court how 'virtual' each maneuver can be to have legal standing.

    So, can anyone add to to this list of what would follow if mathematical reasoning were applied to traffic laws? (any type of traffic law, any type of formal reasoning)
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    Can I do a succession of 5 consecutive U-Turns (4 Loops + 1 U) instead of doing 1? Or are loops suppressed because they would take longer and not be as prudent...

    I have always felt that there should be a scale of speed limits. You should have to take a mental/reaction aptitude test, and have your vehicle rated for specific maximum speeds, and be given a special limit based on it.

    This way you avoid grannies in top-heavy SUV's from barreling down a highway at 70mph, and professional race car drivers in the Z06's can go 180mph.

    But as to your original intent :

    If the center lane is dashed (thus allowing for passing) and there are no oncoming cars, and traffic is backed up in my lane (construction?), can I just drive for as long as I want in the oncoming lane, "passing" everyone legally?
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    Most fatalities are occur in accidents where there is a large speed differential. Your system would increase the number of cars traveling at higher differentials. Plus, how would anyone enforce such a system?
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