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Homework Help: Supremums and Infimums (Introduction to Real Analysis I)

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    This is the only way I knew how to get all the math symbols in one document. I hope the link works.


    I've done all my work there on the document.

    Any help, corrections, tips, suggestions are greatly appreciated. Thank you very much!
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    Most look good - think about whether [tex] 0 \in \mathbb{N} [/tex].

    As a comment: for some of the sequences you have comments like this: ''the sup is [tex] 1 [/tex] when [tex] n [/tex] is odd''

    That isn't the correct way to think about it. The range of the sequence is a set of numbers, and you are looking for the supremum of that set. If that is indeed [tex] 1 [/tex], you don't need to make any reference to the value of [tex] n [/tex] - simply say [tex] \sup \mathcal{C} = 1 [/tex]
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