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Suscept. of a Diamagnet (eqn): what are these variables?

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    [tex]\chi_m = - \frac{Z e^2 n \mu_0}{4 m} <p^2>[/tex]

    My understanding is that [tex]n = N/V[/tex], where the volume is the volume of a unit cell containing Z electrons (in this case [tex]n = \frac{1}{a^3}[/tex]). The m in the denominator is related to the larmor frequency and, for a hydrogen atom, should be the mass of a proton.

    [tex]<p^2>[/tex] is an expectation value of the wave function of the hydrogen atom. While this is certainly a homework question, I'm asking for general guidance about the equation. Am I correct in assuming [tex]m = m_p[/tex] is the mass of a proton? My numbers keep coming out many orders of magnitude greater so I must be missing something fundamental.
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