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SWL to secure engine onto a flatbed trailer

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    Hi I'm need to check if the securing arrangements for a load are adequate...

    Weight of engine and steel transport stand - 7826 kgs

    secured to a wooden flat bed trailer by 4, 3.2 tonne SWL chain blocks (1 at each corner)

    maunfacturer states that the securing arrangement must withstand a force of 1.8G

    is a SWL of 3.2 tonne sufficient for each of the chain blocks? trailer would be travelling no more than 30 km/h around bends

    many thanks
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    jack action

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    Although I'm not an expert on the subject, assuming a friction coefficient of 0.4 (wood on steel) and that the chains are solidly attached to the load (such that they can take horizontal load as well), if you want to respect the 1.8 G limit (which you should, as your trailer can experience at least 0.75 G, up to 0.9 G, so that's a safety factor of 2), you would need 8 chains with a 3.2 tonne tension (2 on each sides, preferably). The angle of the chains with respect to the horizontal being between 35° and 80°.
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    Thanks, Jack

    I thought the safe working load was a bit too low,

    I'll just recommend to double it with 4 chains to a SWL of 6.5 tonnes
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