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Tráiler is the debut extended play by Spanish singer Aitana. It will be released through Universal Music's Spain subdivision on 30 November 2018. Tráiler was produced by Aitana, being the first musical project where the singer was involved in that area. The EP was co-produced by Mauricio Rengifo and Andrés Torres, who in 2017 produced the song "Despacito" among other producers. It features six original songs, of which one is a collaboration with the Venezuelan-American singer Lele Pons.

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  1. H

    Calculation of Box's Acceleration on a Trailer with Friction

    Question picture: My solution: Where: S is the lineforce Ff is the force as a result of friction a is the resulting acceleration F is the acting force The answear is supposed to be a=(F-2mg(mu))/(m+M) Any idea what i could have missed? Thanks for your help on beforehand!
  2. IdBdan

    What is the best beam design for my aluminum tandem axle trailer?

    I'm building an aluminum tandem axle (7k total capacity) trailer. Boat (18'/1300#) on the rear and a Ryker Can Am 3 wheel (750#) on the front. It's a 23'-6" x 6'-8" bed. Max live load will be approx 2250#. 900# frame weight. 230# axles. I'm testing beam sizes with online calculators and need...
  3. DaveC426913

    Auto/Motor Buying/making trailer whiskers

    I thought this was a common thing but it turns out there's virtually no such thing. I just bought a utility trailer (along with my boat trailer, I now have a fleet!) https://www.lowes.ca/product/trailers/carry-on-trailer-2000-lbs-gvwr-3-ft-6-in-x-5-ft-wire-mesh-utility-trailer-253168 is tiny -...
  4. H

    I Proper placement of boat on trailer

    New trailer and new self built boat. Need confirmation of my calculation for placement of boat on trailer to have the correct tongue weight. For those not familiar with trailers: The tongue of a trailer is the forward beam that has the female ball receiver at the front end. It is imperative...
  5. S

    Calculation of the lateral force of a trailer coupling

    Hello, i´ve got a problem with the calculation of the forces on the hitch of a vehicle and a trailer. I do need the lateral force on the hitch for the calculation of my single track model of the vehicle and trailer. I have a longitudinal model of the vehicle and the trailer. My input signal...
  6. S

    Help with a trailer unloader idea

    I have a trailer that is aproximately 12 feet by 5 feet wide. I would like to design a way to be able to unload 1 to 2 tons of gravel. (This is not a dump bed). I would also like to be able to unload 1 ton of hot asphalt. One idea is to make one of those hand crank unloaders that you can buy for...
  7. E

    Mechanical Advantage for an Ebike Trailer

    Hello everyone! I am trying to figure out a work load / Pulling ability of trailers for the company I work for. We produce Electric bikes that have attachable utility trailers.. The general Wattage output for these E-bikes is 1000w. The trailers Mechanical advantage = 62.15MA. (WR=11 & AR=...
  8. Fabrizio Vassallo

    Weight of a box with a flying bird

    Hello! This is my first post here, and I look forward to many more! This is a sort of riddle I was told today, and left me full of doubts. So, the 'puzzle' was the following: " There's a man carrying behind his truck an enclosed trailer full of birds inside it. All the birds are standing on...
  9. M

    I Forces applied to trailer hitch

    If I am towing a 10,000 lb. trailer downhill on a 6% grade at 65 mph and I hit the brakes coming to a complete stop in about 5 seconds, how much force is being applied to the trailer hitch? I am trying to build my own hitch and the forces applied will help me determine plate thickness. I will...
  10. P

    Mathematical Modeling of an articulated vehicle (trailer)

    Hello, I have an problem with mathematical modelling of a special kind of articulated trailer (please have a look at the images: 1st image is the yaw plane and the second is the ZX plane). I have two methods of deriving equations of motion namely Lagrange and Newton-euler to analyse their...
  11. Rx7man

    Does this make sense? Trailer tilt methods....

    Here's a link to a trailer manufacturer, and their claims of which style of lift/tilt system is best on a trailer... http://bigtextrailers.com/hoist-comparison/ I have a very hard time seeing how the 2 ram system is inferior to the single ram system especially.. assuming build quality is equal...
  12. L

    Investigating the Physics Behind Horizontal Damping of a Trailer

    I want to do an investigation on how the damping of a trailer when it is moved horizontally. I saw a video of a toy car with a trailer and someone changing the weight distribution on the trailer. This change led to a big difference in the oscillation patterns of the trailer when moved. (the...
  13. B

    A trailer doesn't react to a tractor's backing up until 10 feet of travel

    I am a trucker. I pull 53' dry van trailers with a big rig truck (a tractor). When a tractor-trailer backs straight backwards (not turning ) it is called straight line backing. Probably most people here know from backing boat trailers or other trailers at some point in their lives that when...
  14. Algr

    Gas Trailer for Electric Cars?

    So I was reading about Tesla's plan for battery swapping. I didn't think that was such a great idea, since you would be leaving behind something that was a good fraction of the cost of the car. Might there be a better way?: So, it's the future: You've been driving around town, and used up...
  15. David Mast

    Wheelchair lift concepts for Travel Trailer

    Hello all, i recently purchased a travel trailer, and i want to create a lift to get inside it. a little background on me, i was in a motocross accident, broke my back and am now paralyzed. I currently work at a full fabrication shop as a mechanical drafter, we have the capabilities to make...
  16. T

    Determining the Free Body Diagram for a Dolly & Trailer

    Homework Statement The context of this problem involves a dolly pulling a trailer, and I am trying to establish the basic free body diagram for the trailer. Is what is done so far acceptable and is this a step in the right direction? Homework EquationsThe Attempt at a Solution I am confident...
  17. P

    What is the force on the trailer wall

    Hello All, I am a semi trailer manufacturer who just started building specialty trailers for various industries. Recently I have been asked to develop a trailer to carry peanuts from the farms and deliver them to ware house. To design the trailer light enough, i have decided to go with...
  18. C

    Maximizing Boat Trailer Capacity: Redesign Tips & Tricks for Heavy Loads

    I need a little help on the redesign of our boat trailer, if you guys wouldn't mind giving a little advice. We have a heavy boat [we can assume the boat is 20,000 lbs], and we need to 1] increase the capacity of our axles, and 2] redistribute the loading of the weight. Currently, the weight of...
  19. Y

    Rent an Apartment, Buy House, Buy Mobile Home or a Trailer?

    So I just got out of college and have about 15k or so saved up. My job pays me about 65 k a year. I have no debt and own my car. I'm most likely going to move out of my parents house in a few months. I think it would be best not to buy a house for at least another decade, maybe two, and take out...
  20. A

    What causes a trailer to fishtail on the highway?

    I had a somewhat unnerving experience recently. I had bought a travel trailer (caravan for UK readers) and was towing it home when it started to sway from side to side. The oscillations built up to an extreme amplitude of 90 degrees, limited by the trailer hitting the side of the tow vehicle. I...
  21. T

    Calculate Tension Between Car and Trailer

    Homework Statement Homework Equations I have no idea how to start this question, I looked at my notes from class and the textbook but just can't figure out how to start it! The Attempt at a Solution Any help would be greatly appreciated! Even if just to get started!Thanks Thomas
  22. M

    Truck pulling trailer

    I have a truck (m1,27000 kg) pulling a trailer (m2, 8500 kg) with a chain holding the two together (T). The overall acceleration is 0.78 m/s^2. Find f1 force on the truck, f2 force on the trailer and T, tension force. Here is what I did: since the force comes all from the truck, f1 =...
  23. BhreaghI

    Your Thoughts on the Most Sustainable 8x15 Trailer for Cold Climates

    I am trying to design an extremely efficient and sustainable, roadworthy, mobile house(on a trailer) for use in Canada's North. The climate this house will be located in is -50 degrees Celsius lows in the winter, and +30 Celsius highs in the summer. Very high wind all year round. 24 hr daylight...
  24. M

    Force on winch to lift trailer ramp

    Homework Statement I was really unsure as to where to post this problem as it's got nothing to do with homework, yet it's a homework like problem. Please let me know if I've posted it in the wrong sub-forum. It was a simple discussion at work where we debated how strong a winch we need...
  25. nsaspook

    News A new character for the Trailer Park Boys

    A new character for the "Trailer Park Boys" http://worldnews.nbcnews.com/_news/2013/11/07/21352338-toronto-mayor-rob-ford-makes-death-threat-in-new-video [Broken] What is the process in Canada to force someone out of office that's a total embarrasment, is there a recall process?
  26. Joshuava

    Force exerted from car on trailer question

    Homework Statement A 1480(k)g car pulls a 300(k)g trailer. The car exerts a horizontal force of 3900(N) against the ground in order to accelerate. What force does the car exert on the trailer? Assume an effective friction coefficient of 0.15 for the trailer. Homework Equations My question...
  27. T

    Music Discover the Music from the COSMOS Series Trailer

    this is the music from the trailer of the new Cosmos series : love it Have you got any song of this type? Here's the trailer if you've not watched yet:
  28. Y

    Statics problem, trailer and truck system

    Homework Statement Homework Equations ƩFx=0 ƩFy=0 ƩM=0 The Attempt at a Solution I will call the tire forces A (for the trailer), and B and C (for the truck) I got the correct answer for A by isolating the trailer and writing this equation for it: ƩMD = 2400*9 - 2*A*11 = 0...
  29. Greg Bernhardt

    Star Trek: Into Darkness trailer and thoughts

    https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=QAEkuVgt6Aw I saw this trailer on ultra screen in 3d and I was captivated. No doubt a very well made trailer, but still I'm pretty stoked for the movie! Even if it just reaches the success of the first, it's been a nice series reboot.
  30. Greg Bernhardt

    Ender's Game trailer is out

    https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=vP0cUBi4hwE Loved the book, but the trailer looks terrible. From what I can tell it will suffer a similar fate as the Hunger Games in the sense that the magic of the book was the interesting internal dialogue and complex moral issues (also in Dune). Internal...
  31. S

    Trailer hitch and draw bar (vehicle)

    Hi, I'm not a mechanical or an automobile engineer and have a poor knowledge of vehicles as I don't drive. I'm solving a particular problem in mechanics dealing with stress analysis which deals with a trailer hitch (See attached figure) Can anyoen tell me ina very fundamental manner...
  32. B

    Turning Radius of 40 foot Cotton Trailer

    Can I make a 90 degree turn on my 20 foot wide road pulling a 40 feet long and 10 feet wide cotton trailer? The cotton trailer has two axles in the rear and two axles in the front. I am an organic farmer and wish to employ a...
  33. N

    Automotive How to calculate suspended weight capacity of trailer springs

    Hello I am using an rubber suspension component from Rosta, and want to calculate the deflection over a range of weights acting on a lever attached to the rubber suspension units. HOw do I convert static weight to Nm of force for determining the deflection of the units? thanks here's...
  34. R

    Semi Truck Heavy Haul Trailer Axle Spacings

    I am try to build a 5 axle tractor(twin steer,tri-drive) to pull a heavy haul trailer(jeep 2axle, trailer 3axle, booster 2axle). Overall truck/trailer length 120 feet. I am trying to determine balance points to equally distribute the weights on all axles. I do know that the front steer...
  35. S

    Stress Calculation on trailer legs

    Hi, I hope someone can help, I'm trying to design a trailer which uses adjustable legs on each corner as support legs while it is is use. The legs are adjustable and have drilled holes for the position pins, and I am trying to work out what wall thickness of leg will be adequate to provide...
  36. S

    Designing a Trailer: Determining Steel Square Tube Size

    I am working on designing a trailer that will hold a load of 350lbs on 2 centered posts. It needs to have a safety factor of 3, so 1050lbs plus trailer weight. I am trying to determine the size of Steel square tube I must use. Any advice on formulas or methods of determining this? I would...
  37. I

    Car pulls a trailer of weight

    EDIT: I JUST REALISED YOU CAN'T DO 1 WORD THREAD TITLES, SORRY ! WON'T DO IT AGAIN! A car pulls a trailer of weight 2500 N with a force of 20 N for a distance of 8 km along a horizontal road. How much work is done by the car in pulling the trailer? A 160 J B 20 000 J C...
  38. T

    Horse Trailer and Center of Mass

    Homework Statement A 1000 kg horse trailer with frictionless wheels is sitting in a level parking lot. The trailer is 4 m long, and its center of mass is at its center. Its passenger, a 500 kg horse, breaks free from its stall at one end of the trailer and walks to the other end. How far...
  39. Borek

    Ironman Trailer Video - YouTube

  40. O

    Lead Block inside 52' US-type Trailer Experiement

    Can someone calculate the weight of the object and what would most likely happen in the following experiment that I have always been curious about: Imagine you have a brand new 52-foot standard refrigerated cargo trailer mounted on a brand new standard heavy duty sleep cab tractor (i.e., an...
  41. C

    A boat and trailer are being pulled along a bumpy road at a velocity

    A boat and trailer are being pulled along a bumpy road at a velocity v. The contour of the road can be approximated by a sine wave with a wavelength l of 10ft and an amplitude y of .5 in. the deflection of the springs in the trailer due to the boats weight is 1.5in. the damping of the system is...
  42. M

    Where Can I Find a Heavy Duty Car Trailer for a Mobile Vehicle Lift?

    Im just wondering if anyone can point me to heavy duty car trailers, i'v got an assignment with college and it has to support a mobile vehicle lift which will have a large amount of weight! I'v googles loads but can not find anything that will be big enough to fit! Trailer must be over 2010mm...
  43. JJBladester

    Impulse-momentum problem (tractor trailer)

    Homework Statement To preface this post, I have already fully solved the problem and obtained the "correct" answer. I am just bothered by the answer after listening to a classmate argue against it. A trailer truck with a 2000-kg cab and an 8000-kg trailer is traveling on a level road at...
  44. B

    Strenght of Square Tubing on a trailer

    I am considering purchasing a type of three car gooseneck trailer. The question is the "main" beams of the trailer are 4" X 4" X 3/16", this seems a little flimsy to me. I measured them and they are 41' long then take a 43" jog vertical, then another 50" horizontal. Typical goosneck style,the...
  45. S

    A Level mechanics: Force exerted on a car by a trailer when brakes are applied

    Hi :) I have an A Level Mechanics 2 exam in 3 days. I managed to 'solve' this problem from my book, but I'm having some trouble with the underlying concepts. It would be really nice if someone could explain part (c) of the question to me (I've included my solution below but I don't understand...
  46. P

    SWL to secure engine onto a flatbed trailer

    Hi I'm need to check if the securing arrangements for a load are adequate... Weight of engine and steel transport stand - 7826 kgs secured to a wooden flat bed trailer by 4, 3.2 tonne SWL chain blocks (1 at each corner) maunfacturer states that the securing arrangement must withstand a...
  47. S

    Need a way to approx. weight of a tractor trailer being loaded

    Hi All, I have a question, which is how do I figure out what the weight is of a 45' tractor trailer that is being filled with a semi-solid product and the tractor is not attached to the trailer. I'm thinking of using the pressure of the air bags by inflating them to raise the trailer up and...
  48. P

    Efficiently Shorten Your Boat Trailer for Winter Storage | 5" Aluminum I-Beams

    I want to shorten my boat trailer so that it will fit in my garage in the winter, It has to be able to be put back together for the summer. Trailer is built with 5" aluminum I-beams running down each side. My idea is to cut the two beams and splice back together with 4 pieces of aluminum channel...
  49. K

    Cheapest trailer in the world?

    My friends and I are having a little challenge. We want to come up with the cheapest open-top, but sided cargo trailer possible. It must use completely new parts freely available from local steel/wood/plastic suppliers and be capable of hauling around 800lbs. Labor must be something that your...