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Symbolic math calculations with Fortran 95

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    Hi all
    I am struggling to work symbolic math calculations with Fotran 95 in the Silverfrost ftn 95 plataform.

    Say you want to calculate c=a+b but without initializing "a" or "b" to get a value "c", but rather print out or obtain the actual generic expresion "a+b"

    I have tried to solve that using different data types (REAL, CHARACTER etc) but no way to handle the error exception for me.

    Could somebody please give any light on this? I am new to Fotran and have not been able to find any solution on this.

    Thanks in advance
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    Why do you try to use FORTRAN? Of all languages I ever used I would never select it for doing such things.
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    Hi Borek, you are right, I had the same tought.
    Better to do it with Mapple,
    I just wanted to know if there was a relatively "simple" way to make it out
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