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Synthesis of a four bar linkage with a ternary couplar

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    Hi there!
    Currently i am trying to design a four bar linkage for a bicycle rear shock.
    You can find this linkage at here
    This linkage is called virtual pivot point.
    Critical part of this design is to achieve a coupler curve for rear axle in a way that it traces an S shaped path but also the instantenous centre of rotation for rear triangle(ternary coupler-which is the intersection of lines passing through two small linkages) must be above the rear axle for compression and below the rear axle for extension (this way suspension mechanism corrects itself)
    I thought i can use freudenstein equation for synthesis but the problem is more complicated.
    Thank you for your help!
    (There is another explanation of this virtual pivot point mechanism at here http://www.lapierrebikes.com.au/technologies/fps)
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    You have not given any dimensions or limits of movement.
    What exactly is your question ?
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