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How to specify parameters via calculations in 4 bar linkage

  1. Jan 20, 2016 #1
    Hi I'm looking to design a 4 bar compound linkage.
    I know how torque, force, power and angular velocity are transferred on four bar mechanisms.
    Could someone help me with compound four bar calculations?


    The lower arrow shoes the input torque.
    I need to design this linkage mechanism.
    Could somebody help me with the calculations for output torque, power, angular velocity and force.

    I just need help with the equations.
    Also. I need to restrict the motion of the first 4 bar to 90 degree and the second to be 90 degree with respect to the first.

    Since it turns on a range of angles, I need some way of analysing all of those input angles and their outputs.

    Also. I need help with estimating dimensions for each of these bars/links. How do I do that?

    HELP ASAP please.
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    http://[ATTACH=full]200001[/ATTACH] I hope the image is now visible[ATTACH=full]200002[/ATTACH]
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