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Synthesizing alkyne from alcohol

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    If I have a end alcohol attached to a carbon chain, what would be a reaction or synthetic pathway that can be done to transform the alcohol to an alkyne? Thanks for your input.
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    well it generally depends on the chain. If there are some super sensitive functional groups you don't have much options, you have to do some protections and such stuff. As an example , you can use conc. sulfuric acid and heat to make an alkene (depends on the carbon chain if you can use such a strong dehydrating agent) than you can add elemental bromine, Br2 to the double bond to make a dibromo compound and then you use an eliminating agent such as NaOH in glycerol (or a more standard KOH/ethanol) to do a double dehydrohalogenation to form a tripple bond .... if this doesn't help I'm very sorry but you'll have to provide more info on the substance you mean to use.
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