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Tachyons challenge the Standard Model?

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    Just looking for ideas if it does.

    I've looked at closed string tachyon condensation and it apparently excites the graviton as it's also closed string and this can warp spacetime.

    I (think) see a flaw in symmetry here as if I were on earth, feeling the gravitational field strength, I'd expect the same laws to govern me if i were on the moon. Now, the effect on me is mediated through the graviton (from the earth or moon to me), which could get excited and warp spacetime so I'm not feeling the same on the moon as I am on the earth.
    This was the thought process going through me head when I read about it, so if at any stage, there's something wrong, please point it out.

    Now let's say Tachyons do exist, how would it change the Standard model, if at all? Would it just affect gravitons or would this somehow move onto the whole model?
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    'Show me the tachyons' [then we will talk].
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    That's why I arbitrarily said, "Let's assume"
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