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Taking mechanical physics next fall

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    Right now I am taking conceptual physics which is the most basic physics class
    my college offers.

    I am taking Calculus 1 right now and plan to take calculus 2 in the summer (2 month course).
    So do you think calc 1 and 2 will be enough to be prepared for mech physics? Or do you think i should have probably taken algebra-based physics before calculus-based physics(mech phys)?
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    You should be well prepared for mechanical calculus based Physics having completed calc 1 and 2 (especially calc 1). No need to take algebra based physics...in fact, calc based physics may be easier since you can better understand the derivation of the equations. Note that calc based physics, just like algebra based physics, also requires a good working knowledge of algebra, which I assume you have.

    Welcome to PF! And if you need assistance when taking Physics (or Calc 2), be sure to ask for help in the Homework Help forum.
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