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Taub-Nut or NUT metric, that is the question!

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    We know that NUT spacetime is just like a massless rotating blackhole, that this consideration introduces a new concept "magnetic mass", and I know just a little about its metric form and the parameters appear in it. While I was searching for NUT spacetime and its metric, I mostly found some papers about Taub-NUT spacetime. Are these two spacetimes different or the same? And if they are different what are the differences and similarities? And another question is that what is the differences between pure-NUT and NUT spacetime? And also I would like to know more about NUT parameter that we see in the metric and its behavior! I would appreciate if someone answer my questions or guide me to the texts related to this subject.
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    George Jones

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    NUT and Taub-NUT are one and the same. Taub found the solution first as a cosmological solution. The NUT solution was later shown to be the same. NUT may be thought of as a Schwarzschild solution with a complex mass parameter m + iā„“ where ā„“ is the NUT parameter. There is also a Kerr-NUT solution which adds the Kerr parameter a. All of these are Type D vacuum solutions.
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    So thanks, that was so helpful. I wonder how I didn't get it so far!
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