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Teaching myself supersymmetry and supergravity

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    I am interested in teaching myself supersymmetry and supergravity. I have a decent qft background. I know of several good online notes,, but what I really need is a source of good problems. Anybody know where I can find such a source?

    Does the Wess and Bagger book have good problems?


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    Since there seems to be no replies,, perhaps i can modify my question.. for those of you who have studied supersymmetry, or supergravity, how did you learn it? what did you find worked and what didnt. what is your story..


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    Weinberg volume3, has more or less everything you need to know (its at the level of difficulty that you should be accustomed too by now) except that its a little light on Feynman super diagrams, which are a good way to mentally keep track of things and to not make a silly mistake. Keep in mind the degrees of freedom start growing enormously, like an order of magnitude more than the SM.
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    hey well, thanks for all the replies. there are some useful refs there.
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