Tektronix CMD-80 Digital Radiocommunication

  1. Hi everyone.

    Was wondering if anyone can tell me if this piece of equipment can be used as a spectrum analyzer? I haven't found much in the way of capabilities in a PDF or whatever. Thought maybe you guys would have a better idea.

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    doesnt look like it ... it doesnt have any of the screens that show a standard spec an display

    looks more like a unit for checking digital signals through a link .. in particular as it states - mobile phone CDMA signals

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    here's a typical spec an display....



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  5. At $50'000 new it's still a brilliant buy at $400 with all those options!
  6. The guy mailed me back with this:

    The Tek CMD-80 is not an RF spectrum analyzer. The adjacent channel power measurement allows the
    user to measure the adjacent, first, and second alternate channel power and display the results in a frequency
    domain view. The display shown is similar to a spectrum analyzer.

    If you would like to read the original brochure or read the user manual, send me your email and I will email them to you.
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