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Test Nuclear Radiation detector

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    Hi, I want to test this radiation detector http://www.teviso.com/en/products/radiation-sensor-rd3024.htm

    The problem is we don't have strong nuclear radiation sources or even weak ones , can i mimic the radiation ?? For example can i use Microwave sources or RF field or other radiation sources to test my sensor , if yes provide me with a method

    Your Fast Replay is Appreciated
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    You need a source of ionizing radiation. Typically for regulatory monitoring a small check source is provided to assure proper operation when used. Such sources should not require a licence for possession of the source (perhaps this depend on the country) . see for example


    This detector does not seem to have a direct readout, only providing a square wave pulse output for each detected radiation particle. So how do you propose to actually measure the count rate and calibrate the instrument?
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