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Testing/proving X-bar oof an exponential distribution

  1. May 7, 2014 #1
    ok, so I have a list of students with GPA, I checked the probability plot and I think its a Exponential distribution, take a look:

    Probability Plot of gpa.jpg

    So I am given a χ-bar to prove, and I have to prove or test it with three different types of test, I dont know which ones or how to do them in miniTab software.

    please help me.
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    Simon Bridge

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    That plot looks odd to me - it certainly does not look like a probability distribution.
    i.e. if it were then the probability of getting a 4.0gpa is 0.99... did nearly everyone get a high gpa?

    The "percent" on the vertical axis - what is it a percent of?

    The curve looks like an inverse cumulative-normal.

    Finally - are you asking about chi-bar or x-bar?
    You appear to have supplied an incomplete problem statement - what are you supposed to "prove"?
    Do you know of any tests that may fit the bill?
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