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Textbook Recommendation for General Physics

  1. Apr 8, 2007 #1
    I seek a recommendation for a comprehensive calculus-based general physics textbook, one that would include an introduction to relativity and quantum theory and whatever else comprises modern physics.

    I would prefer a calculus-based textbook where the derivation of the algebraic formulae used in first and second year physics is also demonstrated, if not the derivation of other formulae.
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    You can use Fundamentals of Physics by Haliday and Resnick.There is a chapter on special relativity and few chapters on basic quantum mechanics.Also there are plenty of exercises of varying difficulty level.If you want something of higher level then you must try the Berkeley Physics Course.I think thats one of the best book for general physics.Of course its more challenging.
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    I can't stop raving about Alonso & Finn.
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    try out for "concepts of Modern Physics"- Arthur Beiser....the basics of modern physics is explanied very clearly
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