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The Journal of Physics A: Mathematical and Theoretical is a peer-reviewed scientific journal published by IOP Publishing. It is part of the Journal of Physics series and covers theoretical physics focusing on sophisticated mathematical and computational techniques. It was established in 1968 from the division of the earlier title, Proceedings of the Physical Society.
The journal is divided into six sections covering: statistical physics; chaotic and complex systems; mathematical physics; quantum mechanics and quantum information theory; classical and quantum field theory; fluid and plasma theory.
The editor in chief is Martin R Evans (University of Edinburgh).

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  1. L

    Inflating a Balloon (elastic balloon vs. paper balloon)

    When you blow up a paper balloon it still stays inflated but with a real elastic balloon it doesn't and we have to Tie it. Why is the different?
  2. elleninphysics

    Intro Physics BEST Calc- and Algebra-Based Textbooks with the same Chapter Sequence?

    Hi there! I am teaching the algebra- and calculus-based physics courses at my university. The courses are taught at different times but in parallel, and students from both courses share the same lab sections. I'd like to keep them on the same content schedule without jumping around the...
  3. spacecadet11

    I General physics question -- How can massless photons have momentum?

    P=mv *momentum equals mass X velocity. Light particles or "photons" are said to be "massless". And yet they have momentum. How is that possible? (p.s. I used to know the answer)
  4. Vividly

    Where can I take a general physics course 101 at online?

    Summary:: Where can I take a general physics course 101 at online? Looking for a general physics course that starts with algebra that I can do online.
  5. korwynkim

    Intro Physics General introductory physics books compared to specific books on each topic

    What exactly is the difference in the way an general physics book (Halliday and Resnick, Young and Freedman) covers topics like mechanics, EM, and thermodynamics, compared to respective books like Kleppner and Kolenkow, Griffiths, and Schroeder, other than the amount of material covered for each...
  6. warhammer

    Mean Free Path (Introductory Thermal Physics)

    We have the area of incandescence. Using that we can find the radius and subsequently the diameter. A=π* r^2 -----> r= 0.0025m so d=0.005m Using the formula (given by Clausius as we are not specified in question whether it's a Maxwellian distribution or not) Mean Free Path λ=...
  7. warhammer

    Question in Thermal Physics (Van der Waals' Equation)

    <Using the hint, I tried to find the van der Waal constants in molar form. Since STP is mentioned, I used the unitary method relationship- 22.4 L=22400cm^3=1 molar V <To find a possible conversion standard between cm^3 and mol; which turned out to be 1cm^3= 4.46*10^-5 mol. <Then I used the...
  8. Satyanneshi

    Classical No review of the book "Physics : A general course" by Savelyev

    I came to know of a old russian book "Physics : A general course" by Savelyev. I have heard that the book was popular in USSR. Strangely, I could not find any review or mention of this book in the internet (searched through Google, Yandex, DuckDuckGo). PhysicsForum - One post of one thread...
  9. Luke Tan

    I.E. Irodov Problems in General Physics, 1.304

    My struggle here comes from finding the bending moment ##N(x)##. My working is as follows. We want to find the bending moment on an element a distance ##x## away from the axis of rotation. To do so, let us consider the bending moment due to the force on an element ##\xi>x## away from the axis...
  10. I

    General Physics I Question: Moment of Inertia Problem Difficulty

    Hi everyone, I am honestly pretty confused as to where to start with this. Can anyone give any pointers as to where I could possibly go, for (a) and (b)? Thanks!
  11. DaynaClarke

    Resistors in Parallel or Series?

    Given that they're all on the same branch, I had assumed that they were in series with one another. But with the middle resistor having being on the middle of three branches, it looks parallel. Like I said, I have a feeling it's in series (making the answer 3R). This question is from a past...
  12. nineteen

    B Defining a Vernier Caliper when a reading is already showing....

    Hey, there was an MCQ question in our term test paper regarding measurements and it was about what the reading was of a vernier caliper. But the least count of it wasn't given. As it was already showing a reading, I was kinda confused on how to define it. Is there any method to define a vernier...
  13. nineteen

    B What are the dimensions of kWh?

    What are the dimensions of kilo Watt hours? Is is M L2T-2?? If yes, why is that? If no, please teach me about what the right dimensions are and please be kind enough to provide a good explanation. Thank you in advance. P.S. I am wondering why it doesn't have the dimensions ML2T-3...
  14. S

    B Frequnncy and 1/t, I don't really understand

    if freqeuncy is 1/t then if i was given t, then f is the reciprocal of t right? f=1/t t=20s f=1/20 f=0.05Hz right? another thing, if 1 is the number of cycles per second, isn't it also a variable? so if i know the freqeuncy which is 0.05 Hz, and the T is 20s, then the number of cycles is...
  15. I

    Should I Use College Physics for Self-Studying: Algebra or Calculus Based?

    Hi, my name is "Bob" I have a particular question about a specific book. Preface... It has been a while since I formally studied Physics. The type of Physics book I remember using last was I believe, Algebra-based. This was in high school. Based on my degree, I studied Algebra and Trigonometry...
  16. J

    How Do You Calculate the Meeting Point of Two Stones Thrown from a Cliff?

    Homework Statement Two stones are thrown simultaneously, one straight upward from the base of a cliff and the other straight downward from the top of the cliff. The height of the cliff is 6.00m. The stones are thrown with the same speed of 9.0m/s. Find the location (above the base of the cliff)...
  17. S

    Difference between angular velocity and angular frequency

    I have seen so many questions and confusion about the difference between angular velocity/speed and angular frequency. Usually, answers were always given in the context of uniform circular motion (angular speed) and simple harmonic oscillation (angular frequency), but this is what causes the...
  18. T

    Classical A General Physics refresher book?

    Hi everyone, I just created this account because it was actually the first time I wanted to ask a question myself, but this forum has helped me a lot in the past with my Physics and Maths related courses. So thank you for that. Going back to the topic...Now that I've completed some of the...
  19. Gene Naden

    Classical What are some recommended resources for learning general physics with calculus?

    Looking for a textbook or online pdf on general physics with calculus. I looked for Halliday and Resnick's Physics I and II from my past but did not find an affordable copy in good condition. If it includes advanced material, that is OK.
  20. D fatima

    Researching & Publishing a Physics Paper as an Undergraduate

    Hi ! I want to do research and publish a research paper on a topic related to physics . I am an undergraduate student , but I am much interested in research work. Kindly suggest me a topic on which I should do research ? And how much time will it take for the complete my research work ?
  21. Ron19932017

    I How to approach a more perfect blackbody?

    I wonder how an object, like our sun, can approach a more perfect blackbody. We know that by the wiki definition, blackbody is something that absorb all radiation and is in thermal equilibrium. Its spectrum only depends on T. We also know that, our Sun's spectrum is blackbody like, while a...
  22. CollinsArg

    Fundamental Proofs in General Physics?

    Hello, I'm a freshman and I'm struggling with some questions. I'm trying to relate all I'm learning from my Physics classes to the real world (that is the mathematical connection and its expanations with the real world). I have some especifics questions but also a general answer I think could be...
  23. B

    Did I calculate the acceleration and Tension correctly?

    Homework Statement A frictionless surface is inclined at an angle of 30.0° to the horizontal. A 270-g block on the ramp is attached to a 75.0-g block using a pulley, as shown in Figure 4-62. (a) Draw two free-body diagrams, one for the 270-g block and the other for the 75.0-g block. (b) Find...
  24. L

    B Double Rainbows and the direction of their colors

    I just saw a double rainbow. On the brighter bow the color arcs were red on the left edge of the bow and shifted to blue on the right edge. On the dimmer bow the colors shifted from blue on the left edge to red on the right. Why were they separated oppositely like this?
  25. Q

    I Birefringent walk off question

    Hi, I am having trouble wrapping my head around a simple (I think?) question about birefringent walkoff: If the crystal is oriented at some angle such that walkoff is nonzero between e and o beams (in a nonlinear conversion process, for example), it seems to me that reflecting the light...
  26. D

    I with the formula for this marble falling from a platform

    A marble is released at 22.5 meters per second from a 70 meter tall platform. When will the marble strike the ground if the equation for the platforms height is 2.3[t][/2]+ (-)6.5t+70?
  27. FL0R1

    B The first light atomic nucleus with a second face

    The first light atomic nucleus with a second face Physicist found the first light atomic nucleus in a lab that had too little resources. http://sciencefeeds.weebly.com/journal/the-first-light-atomic-nucleus-with-a-second-face
  28. Eslam100

    Intro Physics Textbooks on symmetries and physics

    I just started to develop an interest in symmetries after taking an introductory course in electromagnetism . The instructor explained to us how physical laws can be obtained by considering the symmetries of the physical system. It was really amazing how we can obtain such information just by...
  29. J

    General Physics Question -- Max height of a projectile

    When an object is thrown or propelled upwards and it meets the point at deceleration and drops; what is that point called, where the object is not moving in either direction?
  30. N

    Voltage across switch in LR circuit as switch is opened?

    1. I thought that when switch was closed, voltage at the right side of switch was 0 and long time after the switch is open, the voltage at the right side of the switch becomes 0. 2. After the switch is open ecause of the inductor, voltage at the right side of the switch is εL = induced emf So...
  31. F

    Courses Computational Physics vs General Physics

    What are the pros and cons between choosing Computational Physics vs choosing Gen Physics? I want to make the best choice I can but I want to move on to a masters in physics but I'm not sure if Computational Physics will have me ready for the masters degree.
  32. K

    A Is Negative Mass Real and How Does It Affect Energy in Space?

    Hello Everyone, While deriving potential energy stored in space due to two stationary opposite charges we end up with negative value of energy which upon dividing by c square provides us with negative value of mass. What is the significance of this mass other than reducing the total mass of...
  33. H

    What is missing from a general physics course?

    Hey guys, I am teaching general physics (among other things) at an international school. The general physics course is designed as a introduction to all students to physics. These students could be interested in physics-career or not. My principal has given me a lot of leeway in designing my...
  34. H

    Adding Vectors using Cefore Method

    A bird is flying through the air with an air speed of 12.6 m/s heading 27.7° west of north. It is a windy day with the wind blowing at 8.95 m/s heading 12.5° south of west. What is the velocity of the bird as seen by a person on the ground? Note: I keep doing this question but my answer (the...
  35. J

    B I need the name of this equation for my IA?

    Hi guys, I found this equation on 2 other forums, and I'm writing a Math IA with Physics formulas integrated into it. I would really appreciate it if you could give me the name of this formula, or a method to derive it (I don't have a strong physics background) so that I could cite it in my...
  36. JustynSC

    What is the area, and approximate uncertainty in a circle....

    Homework Statement What is the area, and approximate uncertainty in a circle with radius 3.1*10^4 cm (or written: 3.1e4 cm)? Homework Equations Area=Pi*r^2 The Attempt at a Solution My attempt to the solution took some trial and error, and it went as follows: Substitute the circle's radius...
  37. B

    Testing Using Irodov's Problems in general physics for PGRE

    Hello , I'm preparing for the GRE subject test in Physics. I have Irodov's Problems in general physics. I think that this book contains a large number of very interesting and somewhat challenging collection of problems. Is this book suitable for GRE study ? My goal is to get 900+ on the test.
  38. A

    A How do we say that the universe we live is 3 dimensional?

    i opine that the universe is not 3 dimensional at all. its not build up of 3 coordinates at all. it is because, we humans could see 3 dimensions it doesn't mean the space metric is of 3 dimensions. suppose there's a super being living on an Earth like planet of some other galaxy whose viewing...
  39. John Jacke

    General Physics 2 vs Modern Physics

    I'm finishing up my general physics 2 course (today actually) and I begin my upper division courses in Fall. I was wondering how you found general physics 2 compared to intermediate modern physics in terms of difficulty? I found physics 2 (basically introductory E&M at my school) more difficult...
  40. Peter25samaha

    Other Best books and lectures in general physics

    Can anyone suggest good books and lectures in general physics that can still help in physics nowadays ? And i like to know best authors names in physics .
  41. debajyoti datta

    Is Electric Current a Scalar, Vector, or Constrained Vector?

    what is electric current...a scaler or vector?? ...well I personally believe that it is somewhere in between the two extremes (what is not 0,need not be an 1 either :oldbiggrin: ) ...particularly because of the strange similarity we see in vector addition and phasor addition)...some people...
  42. Z

    Calculating Resultant Force and Energy in Physics Homework Problems

    Homework Statement A rocket of force 1000N is propelled upwards by a thrust of 1800N. The air resistance is 500N. a) Work out the resultant force on the rocket. A bungee jumper of mass 60kg jumps from a bridge tied to an elastic rope which becomes taut after he falls 10m. Consider the jumper...
  43. clydefrog

    Plane ride relative motion problem

    Homework Statement You are traveling on an airplane. The velocity of the plane with respect to the air is 160 m/s due east. The velocity of the air with respect to the ground is 41 m/s at an angle of 30° west of due north. 1) What is the speed of the plane with respect to the ground? Homework...
  44. R

    What is General Physics 1 like?

    I am about to take General Physics 1 (Calculus version) in the spring and I am nervous. What is it like? Can you post an example of the kind of questions I will be given in Physics 1.
  45. J

    Classical position/velocity probability

    Probability to find a particle in some region of space is inversely proportional to velocity particle has in that region of space. Let's say we have two cases: one particle has velocity given by v(t)=v0*Cos(w*t), and other by v(t)=v0-v1*Cos(w*t), (v0>v1). Since particle spends more time in...
  46. naiasetvolo

    The definition of the electric field?

    Hey guys, I need an explanation on the definition of the electric field. It was said in a post that " the definition of the electric field is defined in terms of how it is measured or tested". What do they mean by measured/tested?
  47. B

    General Physics Question(s): attatched blocks with strings

    Homework Statement This is just a general question; but if there are two blocks attached with a string, how do you calculate acceleration and tension? Like, do you add the masses together and work with it, or do you do each separately? Also; if you have one block on an incline, and another...
  48. D

    Is mgsinθ=static frictional force on an inclined plane?

    According to Newton's 3rd law, for every force there's an equal opposing force. Since a block is sitting on an inclined plane, wouldn't that mean the static friction is acting like the opposing force for mgsinθ thus, mgsinθ=static frictional force? Please respond
  49. @PK nd

    Will the time of landing be the same if ....

    if we throw a cannon ball from a height in projectile motion and an egg from the same height in projectile motion will it land at the same time?