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Thanking non-American countries that fought in Afghanistan

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    Something that doesn't seem to get brought up enough in this country is the fact that many nations sacrificed and went to war with the United States in Afghanistan to avenge September 11th. Almost 1,000 soldiers from the United Kingdom, Canada, France, and over 20 other countries were killed in Afghanistan. It's good to know that despite our cultural and political differences, we have real allies ready to make the ultimate sacrifice for us and I hope the US will always remember that!
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    Thank you!
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    Since 2002, 30 Australians have been killed while serving in Afghanistan.


    Timeline: Afghanistan's turbulent history

    It's important to understand the turbulent history of the region!
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    And 157 Canadians.
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    Australia 29
    Belgium 1
    Canada 157
    Czech 4
    Denmark 42
    Estonia 8
    Finland 2
    France 75
    Georgia 10
    Germany 53
    Hungary 7
    Italy 39
    Jordan 2
    Latvia 3
    Lithuania 1
    NATO 6
    Netherlands 25
    New Zealand 3
    Norway 10
    Poland 29
    Portugal 2
    Romania 19
    South Korea 1
    Spain 33
    Sweden 5
    Turkey 2
    UK 380
    US 1762

    Total 2710

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    I knew there were a lot of countries with a helping hand, but I didn't know there were that many.

    To all then, I salute you!
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    Those are the countries we should be doing business with. I don't see China on that list.

    Okay, so maybe that comment doesn't take into account certain economic realities, but I'm just saying (because it makes me feel better).
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    International alliance work on kickbacks or threats or political advantage for one's own country or political advantage for the politicians. I wouldn't call it real allies.
    The ultimate sacrifice is made by the soldiers not by the politicians who made the decision to go for a war. And the soldiers had to sacrifice their life because they were commanded to go for the war, not because they wanted to.

    Highly unlikely. The last helicopter crash in Afghanistan that took 30+ American soldiers' life could not get the biggest attention on the next day's newspaper. The main news was on the Wall street crash.
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    It is not a popular opinion here in the UK – there are plenty of commentators here who have sought to portray Tony Blair as George Bush’s lap dog – but it has always been clear to me that the UK, and indeed all Western nations, perhaps even all nations that enjoy Western freedoms, had an obligation to stand shoulder to shoulder with the USA against the attack on those freedoms represented by the September the 11th attacks. Whatever the philosophical and political differences many may have with the USA, it is to those freedoms that those responsible for the attacks are ideologically opposed, and if they had their way, we would all lose them. In terms of pure military might, the USA did not particularly need the help of Western European nations, but politically and symbolically, it was extremely important that we were seen to stand together in defence of those freedoms. Indeed, in some ways it could be argued as symbolically important that we have our philosophical and political differences but are unwaveringly united in our opposition to those who seek to suppress freedom and enlightenment.
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