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The Anti-Gravity Project- I Need Your Help

  1. Mar 27, 2009 #1
    We've all wanted to fly before. We've all wanted to have a flying car. We've all wished we can just take off and land somewhere else.

    There are flying cars trying to be developed (example; mollar skycar) but i can't imagine them flying because they might not be very maneuverable and they might be really loud.

    We know that gravity is what keeps us planted to this huge rock but if can overcome it (i.e anti-gravity) we can make transportation much more efficient.

    But then we raise the question of "Is there such a thing as anti-gravity and if there is how does it work?" Also, will it violate any laws of physics, especially General Relativity?

    The point of this thread is so that people can share their ideas of anti-gravity and what it is. I want this thread to be filled with ideas until we can develop a reasonable theory with evidence and equations. I know i might not understand some things you guys might say but the more evident it is, the better. Try to make this a large project that anyone can contribute to, let's make this huge!

    Remember, a stupid idea is better than none!
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    Not necessarily. Since nobody knows specifically how gravity works, there's no way to counteract it. If it's based upon space-time curvature rather than gravitons, it can't be done at all. And since a graviton would be it's own antiparticle, that approach is probably out as well.
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    Vanadium 50

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    Hardly. Is a wrong answer better than an "I don't know?" Is having an idea like "hey, I'll stick this form in a toaster" better than not having it?

    I fear this thread will quickly degenerate into rampant speculation, unconstrained by evidence - in short, something other than science.
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    Yeah, T.O.E, this is not really the forum for speculation of this sort.
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    i dont like how everyone is shutting his imagination down.
  7. Mar 27, 2009 #6


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    This is not a forum for imagination. This is a forum for established science. It is quite explicit about that.

    "One of the main goals of PF is to help students learn the current status of physics as practiced by the scientific community; accordingly, Physicsforums.com strives to maintain high standards of academic integrity. There are many open questions in physics, and we welcome discussion on those subjects provided the discussion remains intellectually sound. It is against our Posting Guidelines to discuss, in most of the PF forums, new or non-mainstream theories or ideas that have not been published in professional peer-reviewed journals or are not part of current professional mainstream scientific discussion. ... "

    Everyone who is currently a member agreed to these gudielines when they registered.

    This does not mean T.O.E. is not free to imagine, it's just that this isn't the place for it.
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    And with that note, this thread is closed.
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