What is Anti-gravity: Definition and 38 Discussions

Anti-gravity (also known as non-gravitational field) is a hypothetical phenomenon of creating a place or object that is free from the force of gravity. It does not refer to the lack of weight under gravity experienced in free fall or orbit, or to balancing the force of gravity with some other force, such as electromagnetism or aerodynamic lift. Anti-gravity is a recurring concept in science fiction, particularly in the context of spacecraft propulsion. Examples are the gravity blocking substance "Cavorite" in H. G. Wells's The First Men in the Moon and the Spindizzy machines in James Blish's Cities in Flight.
"Anti-gravity" is often used to refer to devices that look as if they reverse gravity even though they operate through other means, such as lifters, which fly in the air by moving air with electromagnetic fields.What is commonly misconstrued is that while anti-gravity is the nullification of gravity, it is not repulsive gravity or negative gravity. Gravity plates and compensators as envisioned in contemporary science fiction also are not anti-gravity.

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  1. X

    B Could satellite be geo-stationary away from equatorial plane?

    I hope this is okay to ask here. I'm working on a sci-fi short story, and for the purposes of the story I want to have a small ship that maintains its position over a specific location on the Earth's surface. Originally, I thought this would be easy. After all, that's what geostationary...
  2. jedishrfu

    B The Illusion of Anti-Gravity (aka a Superior Mirage)

  3. Stephanus

    B Exploring Anti-Gravity: Is It Real?

    Dear PF Forum, I've been wondering lately about anti gravity. I read anti matter and came across this: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Gravitational_interaction_of_antimatter And I'm curious to now. Is there really an anti gravity? And I've read this wiki entry...
  4. GW150914

    A question about Star Trek's impulse drive

    We all know that starships in Star Trek have artificial gravity. They also have inertial damper. Therefore, we can conclude that they have the ability to counteract gravity. However, as those technical manuals of Star Trek tell us, starships are using impulse drives for slower-than-light...
  5. klotza

    Insights Roger Babson's Anti-Gravity Contest - Comments

    klotza submitted a new PF Insights post Roger Babson's Anti-Gravity Contest Continue reading the Original PF Insights Post.
  6. Ontophobe

    I Project Greenglow: Is Anti-Gravity Possible?

    I can't find any good sources on the science behind Project Greenglow. All the articles I see are full of fluff. Are they trying to divorce gravitational mass from inertial mass? i.e., trying to get more gravitational mass out of less inertial mass, or I should say more space-time curvature from...
  7. Einstein's Cat

    Anti-Gravity Force: Is the Unit a Negative Newton?

    If the unit of gravitational force is the Newton (where the value will be positive) would the unit for a hypothetical anti- gravitational force be a negative Newton?
  8. D-son

    Is kinetic energy enough to propel objects in 3D space?

    I've recently created a 3D motion generator (Anti-Gravity Transportation (AGT)) in 2D/3D design. unfortunately my current physics knowledge is not advanced enough to take this machine to its maxium potential. i can concieve perpultion and sustainable energy coming from this idea. my question...
  9. Spock

    Can centripetal/centrifugal force raise itself

    So my question is, if a laithwaite engine (my attached photo) spins fast enough, will it be able to lift off the ground? And if yes, what's the maths to calculate the speed needed to make it lift?
  10. T

    Quantum Anti-Gravity: Exploring Coherence & Its Effects

    Am I reading some more recent articles on quantum gravity correctly that seem to be implying that a coherent particle is not subject to gravity? If you have a coherent C70 buckyball molecule (see Zeilinger - Update: "Matter-wave interferometer for large molecules", Jan. 2002), the force of...
  11. D

    Magnetic levitation of vehicles vs anti-gravity

    I'm trying to provide a simple technology for vehicles to float above the ground in a sci-fi story I'm writing. Star Wars landspeeders use anti-gravity, which I suppose I could use as well. It's not unique to Star Wars, although it was popularized by that saga and I was hoping to do something...
  12. S

    Exploring the Possibilities of an Anti-Gravity Device

    Im watching some documentary on alien spaecraft, it was said that propulsion for one of these crafts would need an anti-gravity device. My first question is it even possible for an anti-gravity device to work according to the laws of physics. Second, if the field turned on you would need to...
  13. S

    Anti-Gravity from Matter-AntiMatter Repulsion

    There's a theory being proposed that the reason for the expansion of the universe is because of the mutual repulsion of matter and anti-matter, in what is essentially anti-gravity: http://www.universetoday.com/84934/antigravity-could-replace-dark-energy-as-cause-of-universes-expansion/ So...
  14. K

    Reaching for the Stars: Exploring Anti-Gravity Physics

    Physics, astrophysics, etc... have always been near to my heart but far from my brain. My math skills are probably nothing compared to many of you out there. But Attaining great feats in science that years ago was science fiction is no greater acheivement to me. I think anti-gravity or...
  15. D

    Is Anti-Gravity Possible? Theoretical Analysis and Extreme Conditions Explained

    Hello i was just curious on whether anti-gravity, theoretically speaking is a poissibility. Through Einstein's models of general relativity he explained that gravity wasn't a force, but a direct result of the geometry of space itself. Therefore making the possibility of anti-gravity highly...
  16. I

    Lockeheed martin experiments with Anti-gravity

    interesting video. The more research I try to do behind this - the more confused I get. Apparently he uses some form of diamagnetic levitation which some say was faked for the documentary. I'm skeptical but I have to admit the video is damn interesting.
  17. L

    Exploring Anti-Gravity Globes: Can They Defy Gravity in Any Orientation?

    "anti-gravity globe" question I had a question about the anti-gravity globes, and used to wonder if they would still work if flipped upside down, I now realize they won't when I actually thought about it. However, is there anyway to suspend an object using magnets with the base on top? I...
  18. T

    The Anti-Gravity Project- I Need Your Help

    We've all wanted to fly before. We've all wanted to have a flying car. We've all wished we can just take off and land somewhere else. There are flying cars trying to be developed (example; mollar skycar) but i can't imagine them flying because they might not be very maneuverable and they...
  19. V

    Anti-Gravity and Black Holes: A Theoretical Analysis

    I was wondering about a question that popped into my mind recently -Let's say, theoretically, a device existed that could reverse the force of gravity somehow, to the point were it created antigravity. Since black holes are held together by their own gravity, pushing molecules closer than...
  20. D

    Whats the point of anti-gravity

    I don't understand the reasoning behind trying to discover anti-gravity. Attach a rocket to a load and make it accelerate at 9.8 m/s^2 and youve got an "anti-gravity" vehicle. It defies gravity as if it didn't exist. So reasoning says, what would be the use of anti-gravity if it did exist and...
  21. L

    Anti-Gravity propulsion system

    Hey guys, I was just chekin out some vids on youtube and found this. Of course, this is too hard for me to understand "yet". Please watch this video and tell me if this guy's just a lame liar or he actually knows what he's talkin about. Thanks!
  22. A

    Anti-gravity calculation for fun

    Alright, don't take this seriously. This is just a what if situation calculation: So I was thinking. Atoms possesses charges. Particle possesses mass. Charges produce electric field while mass produce gravitational field. A changing electric field produce a magnetic field. What unique...
  23. M

    Does this soda can anti-gravity trick have any validity?

    I saw a trick were a guy supposedly levitated a dime with batteries, a cd, a phone, and a pepsi can. I see no reason to believe this is possible, but I'd like to find out if it is. The video is http://www.break.com/index/anti_gravity_trick.html I would appreciate some clarification on this...
  24. marcus

    Hossless Anti-Gravity: Bojowald's Landmark Paper & Beyond

    Here are 109 articles (or books) http://arxiv.org/cits/gr-qc/0102069?skip=75&db=spires which all cite Bojowald's landmark paper where he determined that in Loop cosmology gravity REPELS at very high density. Here is the orig: http://arxiv.org/gr-qc/0102069 the original paper dealt with an...
  25. vincentm

    Anti-gravity - is it far from us?

    How far are we from developing this technology, also, what idea and technologies are being used to propose this to make it a possible reality?
  26. T

    Anti-Gravity Propulsion Reality

    BBC NEWS: Boeing tries to defy gravity "The project is being run by the top-secret Phantom Works in Seattle, the part of the company which handles Boeing's most sensitive programmes." I think this article is a cover story/ program. They may already have anti-gravity figured out and of...
  27. W

    Can virtual produce anti-gravity?

    Perhaps it is a stupid question, but really confuses me. In QFT, virtual particles can be produced from vacuum, say, (M,0,0,0) and (-M,0,0,0) In Einstein's theory, if we consider the (-M,0,0,0) virtual particle, make it's energy-momentum tensor and solve the Einstein equation, and take the...
  28. K

    Is Anti-Gravity Possible with Anti-Gravitons?

    If gravitons do exist, will an anti-graviton repel matter(anti-gravity)? Also, can we, reasonably, assume that the graviton does actually exist?
  29. pelastration

    Anti-gravity machine in your garage

    Sure anti-gravity technology is possible in your garage. Bet for $1,000? and will send you the design. Anyone else interested. Russ? $1,000? Edit by Ivan: Split from https://www.physicsforums.com/showthread.php?t=50321&page=3&pp=15
  30. J

    Does something like anti-gravity exist, in theory?

    Does something like anti-gravity exist, in theory? I mean two masses repeling each other. Or in terms of space-time: an upward curving. And if so, does that result in anti-mass?
  31. A

    Can Matter be Created from Nothing? - Adam's Anti-Gravity Idea

    hi just tinkering around with the idea of anti-gravity and i think i came up with something disproving it's possible, i can't explain right now (homeowrk) but i need to know if anyone has any ideas on how to break einsteins theory that matter cannot be created or destroyed. is there any way to...
  32. marlon

    Latest Developments on Black and White Hole-Theory and Anti-Gravity

    Hi, what are the latest developments on black and white hole-theory and how they can be viewed as timetravelling configurations? I read that one should apply anti-gravity in order to make such a wormhole stable. Please some comments on that thanks marlon
  33. O

    Is anti-gravity and free energy the key to solving our world's energy problems?

    interesting article and lots of links to anti-grav and free energy. :smile: http://www.para-normal.com/nuke/html/modules.php?name=News&file=article&sid=1560&mode=thread&order=0&thold=0
  34. M

    Anti-gravity High Schoolers demonstrate aircraft

    http://www.detnews.com/2002/schools/0212/03/c03-24756.htm Detroit News-Darren Jacobs "Dearborn High School students Ethan Rein, Jim Bergren and Luke Duncan are breaking the law -- of gravity. ___Rein, a senior, and juniors Bergren and Duncan, have built an anti-gravity aircraft that...
  35. R

    STO's, Scalars, and the GUT of Anti-Gravity

    The STO (Stellated Truncated Octahedron) Peep this----> http://groups.msn.com/shamanism/shoebox.msnw?action=ShowPhoto&PhotoID=7 I first came across this polyhedron geometric shape reading Allan Holden's Space, Shapes, and Symmetry. No refference or information is alluded to in the...
  36. Ivan Seeking

    Calculators New technology from 'black world', anti-gravity: CNN

    New technology from 'black world': CNN http://www.cnn.com/2003/TECH/09/05/wow.tech.black.world/index.html
  37. G

    Can the Casimir effect be harnessed for free energy and anti-gravity?

    Somewhere on the web, it was calculated that the attractive force between two plates each having a surface area of 1 square meter and spaced 1 micron apart would, due to the Casmir effect, be attracted to one another with 0.13 grams of force. Assume machining such plates with the necessary...
  38. M

    Unlocking the Mystery: Exploring the Link Between Gravity and Magnetism

    Did anyone ever see on TV or read about (I think it was released to the press sometime late last year) the scientists who built that electromagnet that counteracted the force of gravity? They put a couple of different pieces of organic material in it and they started floating, one of which was a...