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The big bang was a fluctuation of what?

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    I have read that the total energy of the universe is zero and that the big bang might have emerged from a quantum fluctuation. Also that there is a chance (extremely low) of another big bang occurring in the quantum vacuum energy fluctuations. As far as I understand the vacuum energy / dark energy was created during the big bang and continues to increase evenly as the universe expands? If this is the case what did the initial fluctuation that they speak of occur in?
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    Well, that begs the question, "Emerged from a quantum fluctuation in what?

    I've not heard about this.

    I believe it's more like the amount of dark energy remains constant as the universe expands, but the strength of gravity falls off, leading to an increasing rate of expansion. Anyways, I'm not sure what this fluctuation was to be honest.
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    Just to clarify, this part of what Drakkith said is not correct. The DENSITY of dark energy remains constant, meaning of course that the amount increases as the size of the universe increases.
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