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The Book *The Mathematics of Relativity for the Rest of Us*

  1. Mar 20, 2009 #1
    Hi. I am someone who would like to begin to understand the mathematics behind physics. I have forgotten much of the math that I was taught in high-school, not that I paid much attention at the time, unfortunately. I ran across the book The Mathematics of Relativity for the Rest of Us which looks great, but scrolling down, I found that apparently the second paragraph on page 5 contains erroneous information. I was wondering if anyone here has read the book, and whether or not this is just a mistake or is the text full of errors? Also, what you may have thought of the text for someone that is basically a sixth-grader when it comes to math, and I am afraid I am not exaggerating by too much.

    I would prefer to learn the math in an applied manner, as solving a bunch of equations with no visible real world applications is one of the reasons I didn't pay much attention in high school. Not that the payoff isn't worth it; I'm just afraid I will not be able to stay motivated.
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    Sorry I posted this in the wrong area. Guess I missed the book forum.
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