The cost of generating electricity

  1. I stumbled across what I thought an interesting comparison of the costs to generate electricity from the US Department of energy....includes transmission costs.

    Its shows the total cost per megawatt hour: the highest cost sources:

    "solar thermal" $312 what this is ?? heat or equivalent electricity?
    wind offshore: $243
    solar PV $211 solar photovoltaic cells

    while gas seems to offer the lowest cost at from $66 to $125.

    I am surprised that "advanced nuclear" at $114 is so competitive.

    It sure points out the heavy subsidies (taxpayer money) required for solar.

    Are subsidies available for offshore power?? Seems tough for it to compete otherwise!
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  3. I thought coal was supposed to be the cheapest.
    What about the cost of hydro?
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    """solar thermal" $312 what this is ?? heat or equivalent electricity?""

    that should be the cost of the electricity made by focusing sun to boil water.

    hydro - my only experience is secondhand.
    in 1960's my father-in-law's plant in Niagara Falls bought hydro for 2 mils/kwh,
    or $2 per megawatt hour. seems incredible, today.

    old jim
  5. Hydro is included in the DOE chart...
    I just posted a couple of high and low cost categories.
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