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The dumbest criminal in Pennsylvania

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    I don't even know how to respond to that. Stupidity knows no bounds.
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    It does make for hefty bragging rights in jail, so long as he suggests he knew they were all police. On the other hand, calling oneself "smooth" might not be wise around inmate Bubba.
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    I remember another story about a guy who tried to rob a bank that was located next to an FBI office. Something like five or six armed agents were depositing their checks at the time.
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    Ahahah. There was one robber who had a slight vision problem. He couldn't drive because of his poor eyesight, so after he robbed the bank he needed his partner to drive him away. The idiot jumped into the back seat of his getaway car, instructing the driver to get going before the cops get there.

    The officer turned around and said, "Sure thing. We're on our way."
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    One of the darwin award winners also did something similar:

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    I heard of a bank robbery story with a father and son team of culprits. Dad worked at the bank. He thought of a plan for his son to rob the bank with a mask and gun. Dad knew where the big money was so he could hand it over to his son when the robbery took place.
    The day arrived. The nervous son entered the bank with mask and gun. He yelled; "GIVE ME THE MONEY DAD!"
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