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The Flash quantum tunneling vibration problem.

  1. Sep 19, 2011 #1
    I was reading "The physics of superheroes", and it mentioned The Flash being able to increase his kinetic energy to tunnel though walls. I tried to find out how fast he would have to go, assuming he is vibrating (as shown in the actual comic) so will have several tries at trying to tunnel though a wall. I will assume no relativity, as it will make the equations harder and may make the feat impossible. This is how far I have got so far:
    L= length of barrier. Lets assume a wall is 0.04m thick.
    K= wave number =(sqrt(2m(V-E)))/h
    m= mass. Let's say he weighs 80kg.
    E= the flash's energy=mv2
    v= Velocity. What I want to find out.
    V= potential energy of the barrier. I have no idea what the potential energy of a brick wall is, so need your help on this.
    h= Plank constant divided by 2pi= 1.06x10-34 Js
    P= Probablity necessary to tunnel = 4a/vt (I think).
    a= amplitude of the flash's vibration. Let’s assume 0.005m.
    t= Tunneling time. Let’s say he wants to get through in 0.1s.
    So I have so far:

    I can't work out the potential energy of a brick wall, and would struggle solving the exponential. Can you help?
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