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I The Higgs field and boson - what's it's involvement in mass?

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    Does the Higgs field give mass to particles unrelated to it? All particles with mass or some particles?

    Does the Higgs boson as such play a role in giving mass to other particles, or is the boson just a feature (excitation?) of the Higgs field?

    Can the Higgs boson be reasonably described as a mediator of the field, e.g. when giving mass to particles (mediator of that action)?

    Thank you.
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    No. Photon and gluons are examples.
    For neutrinos we don't know where they get their mass from. All other massive particles have a contribution from the Higgs mechanism.
    It is just an excitation of the Higgs field. The field is the more interesting part.
    No, and this is different compared to the typical interactions.
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