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The KKK tried to build a death ray

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    I know it's old-ish news, but I just heard about it in an engineering class recently while we were talking about ethics. Apparently two guys, one a member of the KKK, decided that they would try to hack some medical equipment into a serviceable X-ray "cannon" that would expose those they deemed "enemies of Israel" (read: Muslims) to a lethal dose of radiation. Thankfully, they were caught in time by law enforcement.

    But the story still kind of frightened me. I know it's a bit of a heavy subject for PF (involving some not-too-cheery subjects like racism and terrorism) but I really feel I need to ask...what if they hadn't been caught? Would such a device even be feasible, do I need to worry about lunatics running around with deadly homemade radiation guns?
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    Hi jack, apparently you did not read our rules before posting. Please post the peer reviewed study published in an accepted journal that verifies your claim, We don't accept anecdotes.
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    He's not making a claim Evo. This was a news story....

    Pretty sure there are no peer reviewed journals out there discussing KKK members constructing death rays.

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    We still don't discuss a lot of stuff that shows up in 'The National Enquirer' or 'Weekly News of the World', either.

    You boys don't have a lot to worry about, at least, if you're not Muslim.
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    CNN is comparable to the National Enquirer?
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    It was in the national news from nearly every outlet I could find. I am only saying that I first heard about it in a class on engineering/technology ethics.




    And a copy of the official investigation report may be found here:
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    I'm not, but that's not the question I'm asking. What I'm worried about is whether, if some malcontent were so inclined, for a radiation weapon such as that described in the news reports could even exist and be used.

    I'm particularly curious because issues related to nuclear/WMD disarmament (I know it's not truly a nuclear weapon, but it still feels pretty similar) are very important to me.
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    I don't blame him, it does sound pretty ridiculous. But then again, sometimes truth is stranger than fiction.
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    Ah, her, my mistake. Sorry, Evo!

    Thanks. That answered my question. Obviously if it was possible we'd hear about more people doing this, really should have thought of that before starting to worry.

    Also, I found the "90% less wrong than Michio Kaku" line in the scienceblogs article very amusing...not too difficult to do these days though :P
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    It has been getting exhausting having to read a new peer-reviewed study after each post about Ukraine and the missing plane, so I'm glad the forum is relaxing its rules a bit....
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    The KKK opposes Israel, not Muslims. Sure, they oppose everybody who is not themselves. But Jews are generally hated more than Muslims by the KKK. I guess this is an exception. I saw a documentary once on a group of neo-nazis who collaborated with some muslims on some anti-israel action. Enemy of my enemy type of thing...
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    Assuming the story is real and not something that's just completely blown out of proportion by the media or otherwise bizarrely elaborate hoax, I think it's safe to say the guy is crazy enough for specifics not to matter.
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    Good point!
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    Lol, you're right, sometimes I just paste the standard blurb if I get interrupted while moderating. You guys are smart though and know when a mainstream article is appropriate. If you're not sure, just PM me and ask me if I posted the wrong instructions.
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