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The Korowai people and NASA's robotic car

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    How diverse are we on this planet?
    A couple of photos of the Korowai people from the southwest Indonesian province of Papua. The Korowai people live in trees which I read wards off annoying neighbours and evil spirits.


    In another part of the planet the NASA tribe is hard at work driving their robotic cars around on Mars.

    I on the other hand, live in a place called Florida.

    I find it very hard to imagine the view through the eyes of the people of NASA and equally hard to imagine the view through the eyes of the Korowai. I find it even stranger that we all live on the same planet at the same time.

    What would one serve for lunch for this diverse group? I guess the NASA tribe could be up for trying some local bush meat and the Korowai may order up "leg of engineer"...lol

    All joking aside, am I the only one who finds this a strange world to live in?


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    I have no idea what your question is and why it would be worthy of a thread. Closed. If you have some astounding insight on why this should be a thread feel free to PM me.
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