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The most difficult thing to do in the course Chemistry 1

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    What is the most difficult thing to do in the course Chemistry 1 (at your 2 year college or university)?
    In your opinion, what is the most difficult activity, or concept in the book to learn.
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    Pragmatically, solving equilibrium expressions was the hardest for me. There's often a lot of equations to chug through.

    Conceptually, I had trouble understanding where almost all of the quantum mechanics came from. Most of it is plucked from the air and has no context unless you have previous physics or quantum chemistry background.
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    I would reccomend that you look over the quantum mechanics and orbital theory before you start the course. If such is your weakness, it will give you an avdantage and a better background for understanding the material when you study it seriously.
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    I never studied quantum mechanics or quantum anything in Chem I. For me it was memorizing all of the charges of all of the ions... especially the polyatomic ions. Names for those polyatomic ions threw me for a loop as well. Sulfate... sulfite... sulfurous... blah, blah, blah.
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    I think that chemical equilibrium and atomic theory are somewhat difficult to people without background in these areas.
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    rotfl @ "Sulfate... sulfite... sulfurous... blah, blah, blah."

    Yes those are definitely in the book for the course.
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