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The Nernst Equation- I apologize in advance for my ignorance

  1. Sep 26, 2015 #1
    Ecell = E0cell - (RT/nF)lnQ
    So I understand the Nernst Equation, but I don't have some info. (Please bare with me, I'm in secondary)
    I'm doing a Cu - Al cell. My E cell is negative (-1.33). Does this have an affect on the equation?
    What exactly does E0 stand for?
    I understand how to find E cell, but do I square it by something? I can't find online how many electrons are swapped. How many electrons are swapped?
    How do you factor in the pH? I
    've calculated the pH and the number of ions in it, but where do i add this in on the equation? Please lay it out how you would in the equation so I can see
    I'm stuck on R (gas constant, which is 8.31 (volt-coulomb)/(mol-K)). I can't figure out the volt-coulomb as i don't know the voltage. How can I calculate the coulomb? Then the volt-coulomb? And is Mol-K (Mole)(Kelvin)? If so, do I factor in the temperature in Kelvins twice?
    For N (n = number of moles of electrons exchanged in the electrochemical reaction) do i just multiply the moles per electron?
    Finally - What exactly am I dividing to calculate Q? (How do I calculate Q?)

    Please explain this all in basic jargon - or just normal English if you prefer. My vocabulary is limited. Thank you!
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