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The ribosomes have a membrane to prevent damage of the cell from the

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    The ribosomes have a membrane to prevent damage of the cell from the enzyme. but why are the cells not damaged when the enzymes are digesting unwanted structures, since the enzymes have to be released to digest unwanted structures.
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    Re: Ribosomes

    I'm not sure what you mean, ribosomes do not have membranes. They can bind to membrane bound (particularly in the endoplasmic reticulum).
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    Re: Ribosomes

    I think you mean lysosomes. Yes the lysosomes have digestive enzymes but they aren't exactly released into the cytoplasm while destroying unwanted objects. Extra cellular material usually enters via phagocytosis, i.e. the material is gradually enclosed and then pinched off from the plasma membrane into the cytoplasm. This vacuole is called phagosome. The membrane of the lysosome fuses with that of the phagosome and forms a phagolysosome, the contents of which are then exposed to the enzymes and are eventually destroyed.
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    Re: Ribosomes

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