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The temperature dependence of target ionization(Z(T))

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    i am studying on heavy ion fusion, i need to know about the temperature dependece of target ionization,Z(T)is obtained sloving the equation of state (EOS)based on the Thomas -fermi model. Also,More(1981) is derived an equation to Z(T),but this relation is not correct to low temperature. i studied this model but i could not slove these equations and derive a equation for all temperatue ranges, please guide me about this topic,how can i derive a equation to Z(T)?
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    What does one consider 'heavy ion'? Si, Ca, Fe or heavier?

    What temperature range?

    Is one thinking of stellar fusion?
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    hello.Heavy ion beams of Pb, Cs, are suitable for inertial confinement fusion.
    Temperature range is from zero to about thousand eV. ( from beginning time of deposition energy of heavy ion beam on the pellet surface to fusion time). i want Z(T) to different pellet such as: Carbon, Diamond , Al, Au,Pb,...
    Z(T) is used in stopping power formula.
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    Thank you for clarifying the application.

    The Z(T) will actually become Z(T, t) or Z(T(t)) because the cryogenic target will be rapidly changing temperature with energy deposition. So the problem goes from cryogenic temperature, not really 0 K, but probably starting near 10-14 K, melting/freezing point of hydrogen, to plasma temperatures ~ 1000 eV (~11,600,000 K) in a short time, perhaps on the order of 1 ms or less.

    This might provide some background - http://scitation.aip.org/getpdf/servlet/GetPDFServlet?filetype=pdf&id=PHPAEN000002000011003933000001&idtype=cvips&prog=normal&bypassSSO=1 [Broken]

    I'll have to look for other resources.
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    Thanks for your attention and help. Please guide me about equation of state of plasma fusion, how do I derive Z(T) from Thomas-Fermi equations . I read the book of “The physics of inertial fusion” STEFANO ATZENI and JÜRGEN MEYER-TER-VEHN, page 320 to up about hot dense matter, but only a relation for Z(T(More, 1981)) that it is not correct in low temperature, it need to binding corrections.Also i work on direct drive only.
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