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The time an object first passes a point in simple harmonic motine

  1. May 1, 2013 #1
    1. The position of a mass oscillating on a spring is given by x=(.078m)cos[2∏t/(.68s)] when is the mass first at the position x=-.078m

    x=A cos(2πt/T).

    3. the frequency is 1.47. I really don't know were to go from here. can anyone help me?
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    If you substitute x= -0.078 into the equation they gave to you, what variable can you solve for?
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    Never mind I solved the problem I just needed to change my calculator from degree to radiants
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    thanks but i just used the inverse cos.

    (inverse cos(x/a)) / (2∏/2.4) = t
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    Once you understand why you were solving for 't' in the first place :)
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