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The wave form of a sinusoidal current passing through a circuit?

  1. Aug 31, 2010 #1
    Assume a sinusoidal current I = I0sinωt passes through the circuit of:

    [PLAIN]http://a.yfrog.com/img52/9062/image2c1.jpg [Broken]

    Obtain expressions for VC and VL in terms of ω and I0. Sketch the waveform for I, VC and VL, to show the phase relationship between these three variables. (Show about 1.5 periods; relative size of the amplitudes are not important here.)

    Also use the fact that the magnitude of the voltages VC and VL are equal at the resonant frequency in order to obtain the expression involving ω0 shown as in the Equation: Lw0=1/Cw0

    Ok, I've read the question but don't know exactly what its asking me to do, I know I need to draw a wave function but other than that I'm stumped. Can someone explain this question to me in dumbed down terms so I can have a crack at it? Thanks for any help guys.
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    Seems like the problem wants you to find equations for the voltage across the capacitor (V_C), and inductor (V_L) in terms of the frequency and voltage.

    Do you know what phasors are?
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