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Theoretical or just physics degree? Maths is sort of good, is that enough?

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    Hey, as you may have guessed I'm thinking of taking a Theoretical Physics course rather than just straight Physics, but that due to its maths-heavy nature I'm worried I might not cope all that well.
    I mean, I love the idea of theoretical - admittedly it's a rather romanticised view of it - but it appeals both scientifically and philosophically, it seems wonderfully interesting and all that kind of thing (and it sounds cool when you tell people :tongue:). I could go on about why it sounds so great, but to be perfectly honest I can't be bothered at the moment.
    However, I'm worried that my maths might not be up to it. In terms of A-Levels I'm getting middling A grades in Pure Maths but C grades in Further Maths (mechanics, statisitics, all that business)
    I would be perfectly happy with straight physics, but ideally it'd have to be theoretical. I just don't know if I'm being unrealistic in going for it.

    I know most universities say you can easily switch between courses in the first year, sometimes the second, but I'd like to get myself a clear idea of what, realistically, I want to be doing.

    Thanks for any advice, this is probably a pretty common question, so sorry about that.
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    Go for it, and pure maths is more important than stats and decision. Mechanics is quite important though, get that up. Just work harder and try and get your mechanics and pure modules as high as possible.
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    Thanks, I was kind of hoping someone would say something along those lines :P
    And yeah, like you say, I'll go for retaking a bit of the old mechanics and that.
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