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Theoretical Particle Physics Book

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    I want a book on particle physics which contains lots of theoretical calculations.All books recommended in my class contain lots of experimental techniques and very little about
    theory.I like "Introduction to Elementary Particles" by D Griffiths.Is there any book like
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    What about Halzen and Martin- Quarks and Leptons?
    Everything depends on the level and on what you are seeking for.
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    It sounds like you want books on quantum field theory; if you search you can find many. (Griffiths's book is supposed to be a gentle introduction to quantum field theory).
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    H&M is great for having all the steps clearly shown, but is at a higher level than G.
    You need the higher level to do the calculations. G is good for discussion.
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    After Griffiths and Halzen and Martin, I would recommend the books by Greiner and co-authors (he has MANY books, covering pretty much everything in particle physics and QFT. His books show a lot of calculations with all the steps shown and explained)
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