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Theory of Elementary Waves (TEW)

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    Hi, i was reading a paper about finance and stock markets and i found a reference to Lewis Little's: Theory of Elementary Waves (TEW).

    I have olny basic knowledge about QM so i can't say if this guy i right or no so i am asking the experts.

    He says with his theroy he can succesfuly explain:

    -EPR paradox in a local manner
    -the Schroedinger cat paradox
    -quantum measurement
    -a deterministic explanation for the uncertainly principle
    -the general theory of relativity

    Link: http://physics.prodos.org/ [Broken]
    Paper: http://www.yankee.us.com/TEW/TEW96paper.html [Broken]
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    This amounts to an advertisement for a private theory. Go back and review the guidelines you agreed to: we don't do that kind of thing at PF. We have the Indpendent Research forum for thos who wan to defend their theories rationally.

    I am locking this thread.
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