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Theory of Evolution disproved? (satire)

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    Muahahahaaa, have a look they have found a perfectly preserved hominid skeleton inside the gaping mouth of a dinosaur:


    I like the length they went to to make up a true-looking story. Love the perfectly clean black dinosaur skeleton, ha ha.
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    Re: Theory of Evolution disproved?

    Yes, these fruitcakes will go to any lengths to preserve their belief in nonsense.
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    Re: Theory of Evolution disproved?

    I already knew evolution was a lie - my grandparents weren't monkeys!
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    Re: Theory of Evolution disproved?

    Pretty funny stuff. Apparently this is a pro science organization called New Mexicans for Science and Reason (NMSR). The article is just a satire.
    Another great page from their web site:
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    ""Bananas disprove Evolution! Look how well they fit into your hands. Indeed Gawd designed the banana so that it can most easily fit in your hands! ""~~Ray Comfort.
    My response: Yep that disproves evil-lution. (facepalm)
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    When it comes to bananas, humans are heathens:
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    The P. T. Barnum "One Born Every Minute" Award goes to "Dr. Dino" himself, creationist speaker Kent Hovind, who on May 7th, 1999, in a packed room in Philadelphia, urged his audience to study convincing new evidence of humans living with dinosaurs. Hovind's evidence, a web site at www.darwindisproved.com, turned out to be the annual NMSR April Fool's prank
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    Excellent prank, wish I had the bucks to pull some off like that!
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