There could be Intelliengent life 26 light years away

    Here's another article
    I'am not sure if there would be aliens there but it better then nothing.I wonder if seti has looked at this star yet.
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  3. lol, they looked at 120,000 stars and picked one as the most likely place to find intelligent life in the Universe.
    That's like me going into my backyard and picking up a grain of sand and saying it is the most perfect grain of sand on earth.
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    A very thorough search indeed eh tribdog?
  5. I don't have the words to describe my hate for this study posing as serious science. "Habitable zones" "perfect conditions for life"??? we keep being suprised by the places life pops up here on earth
    120,000 stars that's barely half the stars in the universe right?
  6. If 120,000 is about half of trillion trillion (in the visible universe alone!) :wink:
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