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'Thermal cloak' could solve major problems for chip developers.

  1. Mar 28, 2012 #1
    I stumbled upon this article when wandering the lands of the internet, and thought I should share it here. While it's not about a technological advancement in computer science, per se, I suspect this can have some interesting applications. Right now, excess heat is a major problem for chip designers. Such a heat transformer, when developed further, could solve many such problems.

    What do you think? :smile:
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    I'm not smart enough to figure most of that article out. Would the solution be economical?
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    I honestly wouldn't know. The experiment was designed to control heat similarly to how we can already control waves (such as light or sound). Whether it would be an economically viable solution for chip developers wasn't mentioned. Nevertheless, I thought it might be interesting to share, as one of those 'we might actually see something like this in a practical solution in the future'-things. :smile:

    Here's an article that's easier to read.
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