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Thermal conductivity, pressed steel frame, insulated wall.

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    Exterior commercial frames (.053") embedded in a concrete wall 8" thick with 3" layers of polystryrene (3# density) on each side of concrete cavity.

    Frame rests on foam inside and outside of building. Frame is grouted solid with poured in place concrete.

    Is there an appreciable (to be defined in % change) difference in the thermal conductivity of a one piece continuous frame from outside to inside of building as compared to a two piece frame that has an isolation (thermal) break along its length near the exterior of the building.

    Hotly debated topic in residential and commercial ICF construction.

    Formula and test methodology to confirm would be helpful.

    Is the thermal conductivity in this example change by thickness of metal. is a thin metal frame any more or less conductive than a heavy gauge pressed steel frame?
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    frame is hot dipped zinc coated steel
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