Thermal properties of bottled vs. tap water


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Ok so i had an idea!

What freezes faster, tap water or the bottled water!

While I have no real way of accurately testing it... i decided just to ask basic questions :).

What exactly is the property called as to how quickly something cools down. I want to say thermal conductivity but it seems like that is the "transfer" rate and not the... "intake" rate if thats a good word for it. I figure their freezing points are the effectively the same based on the kind of precision i could attain without any real lab equipment.

Does anyone happen to know which freezes faster off hand? :)
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Claude Bile

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I would guess the purified water freezes first, courtesy of tap waters saltiness (Although the properties of tap water varies from region to region, as well as the chemical composition of different brands of bottle water, so the validity of this guess maybe somewhat limited).


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